Today’s commercial platforms are highly fragmented, manual and largely cash based – we enable our partners by providing ecosystems that drive cashless transactions for disbursements, collections, payments and more.

GCash PowerPay +

A funds disbursement facility that enables companies to send out salary, allowances and commissions via GCash to their employees or members nationwide.

What are the advantages of using GCash PowerPay+ for your business?

  • Securit y by reducing cash handling for operations
  • Business efficiency for real-time salary disbursement or collection requirements
  • Economic through affordable rates and freedom from Average Daily Balance requriement
  • Convenience via online access for individual or batch upload

What are the benefits for your employees or members?

Card Benefits

  • Get 24/7 withdrawal convenience with any of the 13,000 ATMs nationwide
  • Enjoy cashless shopping through Megalink, BancNet and ExpressNet point of sale (POS) with free service charge

Employees with MasterCard P3 card can:

  • Withdraw in any MasterCard-accredited ATMs
  • Use the card in transacting in over 33 million MasterCard merchants
  • Shop online in local and internation e-commerce sites

GCash Mobile Money Benefits

  • Receive real-time SMS notifications for employees or members upon disbursement of funds
  • Avail of optional insurance for life coverage, accidental death and burial assistance, as well as protection from residential fire and ATM theft
  • Zero maintaining balance and annual fee
  • Buy load, send money, pay bills and more

Mynt currently engages with partners from top industries such as:

  • BPO
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Manpower