Fund Risk SRE

Accounting & Finance Team
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• Responsible for fund risk analysis and evaluation for services and projects.
• Create funds check rules scripts according to fund risk analysis and evaluation report.
• Process and adjust the exceptions alarm of the funds check rules and monitor rules on
• Discover cases of funds loss, carry out online emergency treatment, work on funds loss,
such as hemostasis, recovery, repair, etc.
• Carry out module research and development of funds risk prevention and control platform,
transform and adapt to the updated funds risk prevention and control capability.


• The Fund Risk Analysis Architect must come from a technical background, with
Technical Risk experience, preferably working on banking systems.
• Must be able to demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a team environment and deliver
successful results.
• Background in the following languages and technologies:
▪ Open source technology stacks which include Linux (Ubuntu/Red hat), MySQL
and Java
▪ Technical Risk Management
▪ Banking systems
▪ Network and Hardware

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