Governance Head

Technology & Design Team
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Job Description

Lead effective governance support to the technology and operation group providing a strategic roadmap on new ways of working to increase efficiency, collaboration and drive the entrepreneurial spirit


As a Governance Leader
• Build a healthy relationship between the vendor and external partners, as an extension of the organization to align to strategic objectives of GCash
• Drive skill enablement initiative creating a culture of learning across the group to ensure resources are future ready to tackle any challenges
• Develop strategic insights from published management dashboards projecting health of various initiatives identified as part of the roadmap and recommends possible interventions
• Recommend and implement standards across vendors to ensure standardization of service
• Ensure compliance of quality assurance procedures and standards; proving support and advise on audit clearance for per groups

As an Asset Leader
• Leads the tracking and governance standards ensuring that all changes to assets and services are appropriately and accurately controlled and recorded
• Provides advice support on issues such as maintenance of hardware assets, licensing of software, protection of intellectual property, and legal obligations
• Reviews and manages assessment conducted by team of consequences and risks arising from decisions to obtain, change or continue the possession or use of an asset, system or service

Technical Competencies – Level Expert
• Organizational Understanding
• Industry & Competitive awareness
• Data Reporting
• Stakeholder Management
• Business Partnering
• Vendor and Partner Management
Behavioral Competencies – Level Expert
• Customer Orientation
• Innovation & Change Management
• Result Orientation
• Problem Solving
• Decision Making
• Personal Effectiveness
• Team Orientation

Contract Management
• Cost Tracking Reports
• Process Workflows
• Learning and Skill Development Initiatives
• Asset Management
• Audit Support


❏ Educational Background minimum qualification – graduate in any field | preferred – Postgraduate / MBA in general management or related field
❏ Experience in managing vendor listing and management
❏ Experience of providing audit support to internal teams
❏ Reporting to Senior Management

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