IT Security Analyst

Compliance Team
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  • Assist in the implementation of ISO and PCI DSS certification in the organization
  • Obtain and review evidence of compliance to support technical or complex PCI DSS requirements
  • Support the completion of the annual PCI DSS Report on Compliance
  • Manage and communicate key compliance milestones for critical systems and complex processes
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams and develop strong liaison relationships
  • Stay current with new and evolving security topics and technologies via formal training and self-directed education
  • Monitors internal control systems to ensure that appropriate information access levels and security clearances are maintained
  • Certifies that information technology systems meet predetermined security requirements
  • Assist the ISO head in the implementation of policies
  • Must be 1 to 2 years experience in Network/Server administration
  • Must be familiar with ISO 27001
  • Knowledgeable in Project Management, Excel and Word
  • Good communication and presentation skills

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