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  • Product Solutions Designer/Managers are responsible for the development and delivery of new products and services as well as improvements to existing products and services
  • They are key members of cross-functional product development and delivery teams that typically include engineers, technologists as well as representatives from marketing, finance and quality assurance teams. Product leads liaise with different members of the development team to drive projects forward.
  • Product Solutions Designer/Managers must be customer-centered but also have the relevant technology know-how to bridge in order to develop “product-market” fit. They work with Product Owners to develop a deeper understanding of customer needs — that can be accomplished via research, reviewing data and analytics of customer behavior, A/B testing and talking directly to customers
  • Product Solutions Designer/Managers help facilitate product specifications and user stories and are directly responsible for defining the customer experience via mock-ups and wireframes. They work with Product Owners to prioritize features and present trade-offs and risks.
  • They work with Technology Leads / Manager and other engineers to agree on a working architecture and present relative trade-offs to certain approaches. They also work with Test Leads and Managers to determine edge case scenarios and proper handling on the customer side.
  • Project management skills are essential to bring product development programs to a successful conclusion — on time and within budget. Product Solutions Designer/Managers develop schedules for each phase of the development program and monitor progress against targets. They also set up reviews at each stage to ensure the program is meeting its objectives as it progresses from concept to specification, design, development and launch.
  • Product Solutions Designer/Managers need to have good communication skills to deal with the many different stakeholders in a product development program. They liaise with the senior management team to agree strategic development objectives and gain budget approval for projects. They coordinate the work of different specialists within the development team and ensure that individual members keep the rest of the team informed on progress.
  • Product Solutions Designers/Managers may come from a technical or business background but a strong technical background — namely having the ability to read source code
  • Previous experience in product software development, design, or digital marketing provides a useful background
  • They must be able to demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a team environment and deliver successful results
  • Experience in working with multidisciplinary teams to meet strategic objectives is important

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