Service & Telemetry Manager (On Duty Manager / Service Manager)

Technology & Design Team
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• Knowledge in cloud computing, mobile wallet technology and industry best practices.
• Learn and understand the relationships of applications, systems, infrastructure, and other technologies. This includes bottleneck identification and fail-over design.
• Responsible for the design and landing of various types of business operations and maintenance solutions, including but not limited to: online issue/incident management, full-dimensional full link monitoring and management, online production change management, failure disaster management, major event management and stability culture construction.
• Interacts with various teams of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) phases in determining and fixing root cause of the issue in a timely manner.


• Works in shifting schedule that changes every month
• From time to time willing to be sent to China for 1 to 2 weeks for training and skill building
• Can understand and converse in Mandarin (plus factor, not required)
• More than 1 year of experience in DevOps functions (Java, MySQL, Apache/Nginx platforms)

• More than 2 years of relevant work experience in the Internet industry, with in-depth understanding of one or more of the following areas: application development (SDLC), operation and maintenance, service monitoring
• Have practical experience in the maintenance of business operations, such as service optimization and improvement for a cloud-based application system.
• Have clear problem analysis skills and be able to come up with creative solutions, have good communication with fellow tech and business colleagues, as well as a sense of teamwork.
• Good communication skills, ability to influence others to get results, optimism, fast learning ability.
• Provide weekly report to MTC management committee for the top service issues drivers on Alipay cloud platform, MuleSoft platform, and Kubernetes platform.
• Can handle work pressure and multiple tasks in parallel
• Works in shifting schedule that changes every month
• Direct handling of service issue troubleshooting and fix under Alipay cloud platform, MuleSoft platform, and Kubernetes platform (1 to 2 years).


• Have good SDLC experience.
• Have ITIL knowledge and experience and can think systematically on service issues and downtime.
• Strong background in the following IT languages and tools:
• Open source technology stacks which include Linux (Ubuntu/Red hat), MySQL and Java
• Java certification is an advantage
• Application development on Apache / Nginx Web Service
• Knowledge and use of Incident Management Tools (ServiceNow, Jira, and other in-house tools)
• More than 2 years of experience on A+ platform, MuleSoft platform, and Kubernetes platform is an
advantage but not required
TRAINING- A+ platform and applications used by GCash
KPI – Must have solved a minimum 2 potential P1 and P2 cases reduced to lower severity levels per analysis of logs
and system behavior within 1 to 2 hours of issue alert.

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