June 13, 2024

From US to Dubai, GCash and Filipino Communities Come Together to Celebrate PH Independence Day

GCash highlights new features and latest partnership with Meridian, allowing transfers from over 12,000 US banks to GCash accounts

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Cementing its position as the seamless fintech solution for Filipinos overseas, GCash participated at the Grand Independence Day Parade hosted by the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI).

GCash, the Philippines’ leading finance app and largest cashless ecosystem, brought the spirit of Filipino independence to overseas Filipino communities this June. From the vibrant streets of New York City to the sun-kissed shores of California and the cosmopolitan hub of Dubai, GCash joined hands with Filipinos living abroad to celebrate our cultural heritage and foster stronger ties with the homeland.

"In every corner of the world where Filipinos gather to celebrate our independence, GCash is there, empowering our kababayan with financial solutions that bridge distances and connect loved ones,"

said Paul Albano, General Manager of GCash International.

"Whether it's enabling seamless money transfers or providing access to essential financial services, GCash is committed to empowering overseas Filipinos to take control of their finances and support their families back home."

At the core of GCash's innovative approach lies cutting-edge technology that simplifies financial transactions for users across the globe. Through strategic partnerships and pioneering initiatives, GCash has revolutionized the way Filipinos manage their money, regardless of their location.

In New York City, the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI) hosted its grand Independence Day Parade, now in its 34th year and recognized as the largest Independence Day Parade outside of the Philippines. Amid the colorful floats and exuberant performances, GCash showcased its commitment to serving Filipinos worldwide.

GCash set up booths parallel to the festivities at the city ofCarson, California, where attendees learned more about the app's seamlessfintech solutions and its recent partnership with Meridian.

Albano shared groundbreaking updates to the service, including GCash’s availability for download using a US mobile phone number. The app has also simplified money transfers from over 12,000 US banks to GCash accounts via a convenient new cash-in feature powered by a partnership with Meridian, an instant payments technology company headquartered in New York City.

Upon cash-in from a US bank, the app automatically converts dollars to pesos at a competitive ForEx rate, so GCash users can freely use their funds for direct transfers to other accounts and to pay billers.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, the city of Carson, California, came alive with festivities, echoing the joys of Filipino culture. The community event at Veterans Park resonated with the spirit of celebration and unity. GCash set up booths parallel to the festivities, where attendees learned more about the app's seamless fintech solutions and its recent partnership with Meridian.

GCash took center stage, showcasing its latest innovations andinternational expansion efforts, to the Filipino community who gathered at the126th Kalayaan 2024 celebration held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Across the globe, in Dubai, the Filipino community gathered at the 126th Kalayaan 2024 celebration held at the Dubai World Trade Center. GCash took center stage, showcasing its latest innovations and international expansion efforts, which aim to empower overseas Filipinos by providing them with convenient access to financial services and the ability to support their families back home.

As GCash continues to expand its reach and enhance its services, Filipinos worldwide can look forward to greater financial empowerment and connectivity, bridging the gap between continents and reinforcing the bonds of community and culture.

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