June 11, 2024

GCash Wins at 2024 Stevie Awards for Innovation and Digital Transformation

As the Philippines' leading financial app and largest cashless ecosystem, GCash has further demonstrated its commitment to championing customer satisfaction and excellence through digital innovation, after being recognized by the prestigious Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

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GCash bagged two victories under the Financial Services Industries category, namely the Gold Award for the Innovative Use of Technology in Customer Service and a Silver Award for Innovation in Digital Transformation. The Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards, held at the Shangri-La The Fort Hotel on May 24, recognized companies across the region for their achievements and positive contributions.

GCash Stevies: GCash

Caring at scale

GCash bannered its innovations that provide an easy and seamless customer experience for users in all its demographics, including tools to immediately respond to customer needs, in the company's vision of breaking financial inclusion barriers. 

To be a truly reliable financial partner for Filipinos, GCash is highly responsive to the need for its system to always be available to users and for financial transactions to be consistently seamless. This also means that for the company, updates in its safety and security features are paramount. For GCash, customer excellence is a relationship built on trust: ensuring users that the digital platform is a safe place to store their money and to conduct all necessary transactions.

GCash is also a constant innovator, whether through new apps and products that promote financial inclusion, or key partnerships in the fintech ecosystem and beyond.

GCash also highlighted how customer satisfaction and employee care are intertwined.

“Winning the Stevie Awards affirms our belief that caring for our customers and employees should always be No. 1–whomever they are, and no matter how many they are,”

GCash Head of Total Experience Assurance and Advocacy Nikka Angeles said.

“I’m very proud to say that at GCash, we create experiences with caring at scale at the core.”

To ensure their professional success, GCash, as a workplace, champions corporate governance and responsible business conduct. The company is committed to its high standards of ethical decision-making, transparency, and accountability, so as to foster trust and confidence among its stakeholders. 

Along with this commitment is GCash’s focus on setting equally high workplace standards of excellence when it comes to employee welfare, diversity, and inclusion, coupled with effective human capital management practices. By linking rewards to performance and prioritizing leadership-cultivating initiatives, GCash fosters a high-performance culture and psychological safety, attracting top talent and solidifying itself as an industry leader in fintech.

“For us, this is more than just recognition,”

Angeles said.

“This is fuel for our teams to deliver our projects.”

At GCash, caring comes at scale – from the users, to employees, and to the wider community. GCash is committed to building trust to provide customer excellence and to serve more Filipinos in the Philippines and beyond, in the pursuit of Finance For All.

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