April 26, 2024

GCash registers nearly half a million GStocks PH users

Top e-wallet widens Filipinos’ access to stocks

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GCash, the Philippines’ top finance app and largest cashless ecosystem, recorded nearly half a million user base for GStocks PH as it ramps up the reach of its stock investment platform.

In 2023, GCash tapped AB Capital Securities, Inc. (ABCSI), to introduce GStocks PH to its millions of users, allowing them to diversify their portfolios and choose companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

“Through our partnership with GCash, it’s now very easy for an individual to open an account for local stock investments and trade in stocks, with just a tap of their finger,” said AB Capital & Investment Corporation Chairman and CEO Antonio Jose Periquet.

Together with ABCSI, GCash provides a stock investment platform that is more convenient, safer, and easier to understand, especially for beginner investors.

“I wish to commend GCash and AB Capital for this partnership aimed at improving access and delivery of financial products and services to our consumers. For us at the Commission, this partnership, which leverages advancements in digital technology, is precisely the kind of innovation that must be encouraged from our financial service providers, as it directly contributes not only to our efforts to accelerate financial inclusion but also capital market development,” said Commissioner McJill Bryant Fernandez of the Securities and Exchange

Commission in a recorded video message. GStocks PH has taken strides in gaining investors' confidence by establishing itself as a reliable trading channel and by offering well-timed investment insights and advisories to its users. With half a million users already registered to GStocks PH, GCash has attracted an extensive and diverse range of users in every region in the country namely in the National Capital Region (37%), North Luzon (15%), South Luzon (25%), Visayas (13%), and Mindanao (10%)

“We have a compounded annual growth rate of about 11 percent in stock market investors. I’m hopeful that with the easy access and the education initiatives that we are doing for the GCash subscribers, hopefully, at least in the next five years, if they could double that 1.9 million, we'll be happy," said Philippine Stock Exchange President and CEO Ramon Monzon.

With GStocks PH, GCash users can easily unlock the world of investing in local stocks – register easily, top up quickly and free of charge, as well as seamlessly invest in over 280 local companies listed on the PSE – all within the GCash app. Using the newest wealth tool of GCash, the Learning Hub, users can also access valuable and bite-sized content to better grasp financial concepts. GCash users can access the Learning Hub by going to GInvest from the main dashboard.

“We are very determined to craft different solutions and make wealth creation easier for millions of Filipinos, while ensuring compliance with our regulators. We found like-minded partners in AB Capital and the PSE who share the vision of advancing financial empowerment for more Filipinos in a way that is safe, easy, and less daunting,” said GCash Group Head of Wealth Management Jong Layug.

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