January 8, 2024

Skip the long lines in cafés, restaurants, and more with GCash Scan-to-Order powered by Alipay+ D-Store

GCash, the Philippines’ leading finance super app, and its global payment partner, Alipay+ are elevating the food ordering experience in the country with the new “Scan-to-Order” feature.

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GCash, the Philippines’ leading finance super app, and its global payment partner, Alipay+ are elevating the food ordering experience in the country with the new “Scan-to-Order” feature.

Scan-to-order is powered by Alipay+ D-Store, an all-in-one ordering solution for brick-and-mortar stores. With this new feature, there’s no need to go through long lines as users can now easily scan in-store QR codes that lead them to the Alipay+ D-store in the GCash app where they can order for their faves and pay in advance, and just claim their orders in-store.

Users can avail of awesome holiday discounts at GCash’s partner merchants and participating brands until January 14, 2024. Here’s how you can enjoy mouthwatering food offers and promos from GCash and Alipay+ D-Store by using “Scan-to-Order” – just in time for the holiday rush.

Enjoy your favorite sweet treat

For milk tea lovers, this new feature is available for several brands including Chatime, Gong Cha, Dakasi, and Moonleaf, to name a few. GCash and Alipay+ D-Store are offering PHP 30.00 off on their first dine-in order for a minimum spend of PHP100. On top of that, users can enjoy another PHP30.00 discount on their first pick-up order transacted through the Alipay+ D-store in the GCash app. Just like that, you can satisfy your cravings, all without the hassle of long lines and queues!

Ordering and paying in just a few clicks on your phone

There are multiple ways to use the new Scan-to-Order feature. One, just open the camera app on your phone and scan the merchant’s QR code, or two, simply open the GLife icon in the GCash app, search for the merchant, and choose from their menu.

After scanning the Alipay+ D-Store QR code or accessing the GLife store of the merchants, users can choose either dine-in or pick-up. When checking out, users just need to input their contact information and then pay. Finally, they just have to wait for their order to be served!

Play, win, and redeem even more discounts

On top of the exclusive discounts, users can also try their luck and get amazing vouchers from GCash and Alipay+ D-Store by playing the minigame in the Alipay+ D-Store in-app feature. By playing the game, users can win more exclusive rewards and redeem them when placing their orders.

So, next time you go on a food trip, be sure to use the newest “Scan-to-order” feature by GCash and Alipay+ D-Store to enjoy irresistible food offers and promos and fill your cravings to your heart's content.

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